Starting Your Farm Business

Whether you’re taking over the family farm, starting your own operation from scratch or exploring a new career in farming, taking things back to the basics to strategically plan for your future is essential.  These tools and resources will help you assess your current situation and outline what steps you should take before making big decisions, investments or changes.

New Farm Launch Plan

Planning to start a new farm business? Or is your family planning to transfer the farm business to the next generation?  The 5 modules in this website will help you develop a plan to launch your new farm business or successfully navigate a farm business transfer.

Business Score Card

Are you keeping score of your business? If not, how do you know if you’re winning? The AMI Business Score Card is a management tool that measures your current performance and management practices so that you can plan for greater success.

Pledge to Plan

According to a Kynetec Agriculture and Animal Health study, only 26% of Canada’s farmers have a business plan – and farmers who have a written business plan and review it annually trend towards receiving higher returns than those who don’t. Business plans provide a strong sense of direction, a platform for communication with your team, and better financial returns. AMI has to tools you need to help you pledge to get started on your plan.

Pledge To Plan Booklet

Business planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming. This booklet walks you through how a business plan can work for you and your farm. It’s unrealistic for you to write a business plan from start to finish in one sitting. This great resource outlines easy steps you can take to complete your business plan and keep it up to date.

Advisor Support

An advisor can provide great guidance for your farm, as well as assist in creating a farm business transition plan. Their unbiased opinion, as well as knowledge from working with other farmers like yourself, can help guide you down a path, you might never consider otherwise. Check out our resources to learn more.

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