Farm Financial Fluency Training Program for Canadian Hog Producers

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Event Details


The Farm Financial Fluency Training will be delivered by Farm Management Canada and MNP and take place over three sessions.

Please be prepared to attend all three session to get the most out of the program. Sessions will occur on:

  • March 16 from 1-3pm EST
  • March 17 from 1-3pm EST
  • March 21 from 1-3pm EST

Your registration applies to all three sessions.

About the Program

Financial literacy is a fundamental starting point for effective farm business management, helping producers understand the direct impact of their business decisions, and opportunities available going forward.

Through the Farm Financial Fluency training program, you will learn:

  • Why financial reporting is important and to whom
  • Key differences between types of financial reporting and who uses what
  • Different farm business structures and their impact on financial reporting
  • How to interpret your financial statements
  • Financial ratios and how to use them to analyze risk
  • How to spot potential financial issues and opportunities
  • Tools and resources available to manage financial risk

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march 16 (Wednesday) - 21 (Monday) EST