2021 Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference

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Most farmers are at least aware of the concept of precision agriculture technologies, but if pressed would have difficulty explaining how it can benefit them. This is where Farms.com can help.

Every farmer should be interested in learning how to optimize returns on inputs while preserving resources, reducing costs and waste—all the while improving yields and minimizing environmental impacts to the land.

That is just a small segment of the power of precision agriculture—observation and data collection, that allows you to make the best decisions specific to your farm.

A recent AEM (Association of Equipment Manufacturers) study showed how precision ag technologies can impact productivity, fertilizer and herbicide application, fossil fuel usage, and water use.

Farmers utilizing precision agriculture technologies gained a:

  • 4 percent increase in crop production;
  • 7 percent reduction in fertilizer usage;
  • 9 percent reduction in herbicide application;
  • 6 percent reduction in fossil fuel required;
  • 4 percent reduction in water use

Looking at those reductions achieved via precision ag technologies should be reason enough to inquire how you can achieve that and more. And, there’s nothing wrong with a higher crop yield, either.

“While we would have preferred to meet in person, we do know that farmers are very adept at using technology, and should have no trouble attending our virtual event,” said Graham Dyer, Farms.com President and CEO.

“But because we are not limited by geography and in-person attendance,” he continued, “the Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase (VPACT) will allow farmers across North America to easily attend, see and listen to leading precision ag experts and talk with companies from around the world.”

For those of you interested in sponsoring opportunities or exhibiting at the 2021 Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase, email us at PrecisionAg@Farms.com or call 888-248-4893 ext. 5030.

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november 16 (Tuesday) - 18 (Thursday)