Dollars and Sense Report

Dollars and Sense: Measuring the tangible impacts of beneficial business management practices on Canadian farms

The Dollars and Sense study was commissioned by the Agri-Food Management Institute (AMI) and Farm Management Canada. It included 604 farms of all types and sizes and farmers of all ages across Canada in the grains and oilseeds, beef, hogs, poultry and eggs, dairy, and horticulture sectors, and was completed by Ipsos Ag and Animal Health. Results were released in February 2016.  The study goes into more detail in each individual sector and releases stats when comparing the top percentile to the bottom.

The study identifies the top seven habits of Canada’s best farmers, which are directly linked to higher farm income and profitability. The results of the study establish for the first time a clean link between farm business management planning and farm financial success.


The Dollars and Sense study