Comprehensive Guide to Managing Risk in Agriculture

Do you know all the risks facing your farm and farm family? Do you wish there was a way to identify and mitigate the negative impact of risk? Are you interested in turning risk into your competitive advantage? This guide will help you become more aware of all the risks to your business and give you the tools to make the shift from just ‘handling’ risks to implementing a strategic approach to risk management. A comprehensive approach to risk management will both mitigate possible negative impacts of risk and position farm managers to benefit from potential opportunities and gain the competitive advantage.

This resource guide is also practical for training and education on risk management in various agricultural contexts (academia, government and workshop facilitators) including not only concrete methods of dealing with various elements of risk management at the farm level, but tools and strategies that go beyond the standard financial aspects (insurance, income protection, etc.) and include environmental issues, food safety issues, weather and climate related issues, global markets, human resources, consumer pressures, changes to government policy, to name a few.

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