COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of being prepared for change – to increase the capacity to build the resilience and be ready to seize opportunities that present themselves along the way. This is why Farm Management Canada has created

As much as we encourage producers to take a proactive approach to managing risk, we realize many of us tend to react to changing circumstances. It is our hope that we can use the current pandemic as a way to help farmers consider emergency preparedness measures and contingency planning as a necessary component to managing the farm – to be prepared for whatever may happen, drawing on their current experiences of COVID.

The website is composed of three main sections:

  • Your Questions: a section of the website where you can submit your questions to industry experts.
  • Our Answers: a section of the website where all the answers to questions from the public are posted.
  • Support Programs and Resources: a section of the website listing various tools and support available to producers to help with contingency planning and emergency preparedness.

AgriResponse is a way for us to focus our attention on the immediate concerns expressed by producers, and help provide immediate solutions. We hope that Canadian producers will take advantage of this opportunity to build their resilience.