Building Added Value through Farm Diversification

No matter where you farm in Canada, the long-term sustaining of your business is the top management priority. The historical economics, strategies and philosophies that created success of mono-crop agriculture production systems are today working against many family farms. An aggressive global market place, retail food sector consolidations and the shift to central ordering and distribution are creating barriers to supplying traditional agriculture markets. Innovative farm and ranch entrepreneurs are actively seeking ways to reinvent agriculture and create sustainable profits and fair returns for their farm production. Many business are exploring the diversification into new enterprises or the addition of value to existing enterprises to create value to both the consumer and the farm business. Selling agricultural products as a commodity leaves value in the food chain that may be captured by the innovative producer. The opportunities available to Canadian farm businesses is only limited by ones thinking.

This book is a journey along the diversification pathway that explores the opportunities of value adding by a farm business. It is meant to stimulate thought and precipitate action. It provides examples of successful farm business ventures across Canada and draws on the experience of entrepreneurs to assist and guide you. Building added value through farm diversification provides real opportunity for those that can recognize them and assemble the vision, resources and spirit necessary to create success. Every new beginning requires a first step; this book can be your first step to a new and sustainable farm future.

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