Ag Equipment Calculator

This Payment Calculator can be used to estimate your annual, semiannual, quarterly or monthly payment in minutes with AgDirect’s easy-to-use payment calculator. It’s as easy as entering the [...]

Estimating Farm Machinery Costs

The Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide (PDF 1.43 MB) can help estimate these costs and provide the information you need to maximize farm profitability. Download the macro enabled excel [...]

Mentorship Program Listing

A list of various industry mentorship programs available throughout Canada. Canadian Angus Association Mentorship Program The Mentorship Program has three primary goals: Support new and young [...]

AgriProfits Benchmark Analysis

Annually, the Economics Section works directly with producers to stay informed of crop production costs and returns. The AgriProfit$ Business Analysis and Research Program collects information [...]

Farm Stress Inventory

Farming and Ranching have unique occupational hazards and stresses with strong traditions of being an independent occupation. The tendency is not to openly talk about problems or ask for support [...]

Farm Stress Management Plan

With the proper tools, it’s possible to reduce and eliminate stress. After taking a stress inventory, take the time to manage your stress. Follow the nine steps to put a plan in place. [...]

Dollars and Sense Update Study

Dollars and Sense Study How can we increase the adoption of business management practices on Canada’s farms? While we realize most farmers didn’t get into farming to be business [...]