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Prosperous agribusinesses through business
management practices, collaborations, and innovation.

Speaker and Event Funding

Speaker and Event Funding and B2B funding, application intake is now closed. Please check back after April. Please email for further information.

AMI can help farm, agri-food and agri-business organizations and groups with financial support for business management events or to bring business management experts to speak at events they are hosting. This allows participants to access national and global information and perspectives that could otherwise be beyond a specific event or organization’s budget.


In order to be considered for the Business Management Event and Speaker funding, the event should be geared towards the Ontario agrifood industry and must contribute to one or more of the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate the benefits of business management and planning: marketing, business plan creation and improvement, cost of production.
  • Address business management gaps and opportunities using business advisors: multidisciplinary training, interpersonal development, awareness and utilisation of advisors.
  • Foster the development of producers working cooperatively, sharing beneficial business management practices and innovations through business to business collaboration in the context of building value chains: business to business group development, business clubs or advisory groups, benchmarking, food and agriproduct chain collaboration and innovation.
  • Encourage business operators to begin or continue to develop a succession plan for their business: farm or business transfers, relationship building, advisor utilisation.
  • Support the use and/or development of applicable business management information, products, services, resources or training for new entrants that enhance decisions making and farm profitability: tools for starting a business, programs and training.
  • Develop skills and tools to better manage a team through human resource management: leading business improvement, time management, employee management resources.


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  • Applicants will submit a letter using this template outlining the main components of the event, draft agenda, target audience, target attendance, location and other specifics in order to determine whether the event falls under AMI’s mandate.
  • Applicants seeking funds for organising a business management event must provide full agenda details and demonstrate its content is largely business management focused. Those seeking funds for a particular speaker should provide an outline of the speaker’s topic.
  • AMI officers or directors speak at the events in order to shed a better understanding of AMI and the importance of farm business management (dependant on availability). This normally requires a 5-10 minute timeslot.
  • Applicants may only submit funding requests for a maximum of 2 events a calendar year.
  • 50% of the funding will be distributed to the applicant upon approval with the remainder of the funding to be distributed upon receipt of the final report.

The applicant will submit a final report which outlines the impact of the information disseminated to the agricultural industry in Ontario.  The report should indicate how the information will be integrated into the agri-business operator’s businesses.

  • Letters will be accepted on an ongoing basis and turnaround time will be a maximum of 2-3 weeks.
  • The Communications Lead will work with the applicant to ensure proper use of the AMI logo set, to coordinate the placement of the booth and the potential for an AMI representative to participate at the event, and all other communication related activities.
  • The Applicant will be required to provide AMI with a final report which will outline a summary of the event, including the agenda and number of attendees, feedback, and so forth.

1. Click here for Additional Information on Eligibility & Guidelines
2. Click here for Event and Speaker Funding Request Template

Looking for past examples of speakers? Click here for the list of speakers and events previously funded through this program.

Please Note: All decisions regarding the approval or decline of the applicant’s request for Event and Speaker Funding are in the sole judgment of AMI. There will be no appeal process.

Business Club Advisory Service

AMI continues to provide support for networking events designed to encourage collaborations and bring processors and producers together to encourage business expansion and development. The organization supports this process by providing financial support to business networking workshops being hosted by regional economic development corporations, or regional groups who work in a local food value chain capacity.

Event topics range from local food, local economic hubs and sourcing, to establishing value chains and value chain management. They attract local farmers and food businesses, community future group representatives, economic development professionals, regional and local municipality figures, local food and farmers markets groups, academics and consumers.


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Services Include

  • Up to one year of meetings facilitated by a Club Advisor
    The objectives of the meetings are to establish a foundation for which the club will operate, such as:
    Identify priorities and areas of expertise within the group;
    Define the specific goal(s) of the group;
    Develop an action plan outlining meeting times and discussion topics that will assist the group in achieving its goal(s)
  • A written business plan for the Farmer-Led Group

The Club Advisor will complete a business plan on behalf of the farm business management club. The plan will detail the purpose and goals of the club, an action plan and specific parameters for the club’s long-term success.

There is no charge for this service to the clubs.

Club Advisor Roster

The following advisors have specific experience in working with farmer-led groups and the development of club goals, objectives and action plans. Their primary purpose is to assist the club in building a plan for which the club will meet, interact and achieve SMART (specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, timely) goals.

Services are limited to two (2) meetings and the development of a club business plan. Additional advice and /or services will be covered by club members or funding programs (pending approval).

Angela Leach

Ph: (519) 620-8716
Snail mail: 6 McDonald Place
Glen Morris, ON N0B 1W0

Elaine Graham

Ph: (519) 780-5403
Cell: (519)823-3504

Dr. Suzanne Ainley

Phone: (705) 444-0557
Singhampton, ON

Matthew Cole, CFP

Phone: 519-993-COLE (2653)
Snail Mail: 62 Harper Cres,
Fergus, ON., N1M 3V9
Skype: matthew.2653

Marlene Werry

B.Sc (Agriculture)
M.Sc. (Extension Education)

Phone: 905-436-0095
Cell: 905-440-5227
Snail mail: 2135 Harmony Road North
Oshawa ON L1H 8L7

Pierre Glaude

Phone: (613) 488-2929
Snail Mail: 2474 rue Champlain
Clarence Creek, ON K0A 1N0

Richard Broadwith

Phone: (519) 821-5188
Snail Mail: 7660 Mill Road,
Guelph, ON N1H 6J6
Skype Name: bcimarketing

David Sherwood

Phone: (613) 674-2042
Web site:
Snail Mail: 520 Concession 9
Ontario K0B 1M0

Hugh Martin

Hugh Martin Agricultural Consulting
Phone: 519-829-2141
Snail Mail: 1 Brookhaven court,
Guelph, Ontario N1G 4C1

To learn more, contact a Club Advisor directly, or the AMI office at 519-822-6618.


The Power of Groups booklet is designed to provide direction, useful hints and inspiration to farmers who may be considering the idea of small farmer-led groups as a new approach to management. This booklet helps to demonstrate the benefits of working in small groups, whether they relate to profitability, quality of life, information-sharing or knowledge development. This Booklet shares the advice of experienced agricultural producers on how to form a group that can help improve your bottom line.

If you would like to have a free copy of this booklet, please contact the AMI office. The booklet can also be downloaded by clicking here.

Farm Management

The Advanced Farm Management (AFMP) program is designed for Ontario farm business owners and managers who want to elevate their management skills.

AFMP provides a unique combination of advanced farm business management training and a practical approach that can be immediately applied to your farm. It gives Ontario farm business owners and managers the knowledge and insights to improve the performance and sustainability of their farm business.

The program kicks off its fifth year in November 2016 and is offered by the Agri-food Management Institute (AMI). See testimonials from previous participants to find out how they are doing.

Transition Smart

Thinking about taking your farming to the next level and processing on farm? This workshop was developed through the strategic partnership between AMI and Georgian College. The focus is connecting farmers with the tools to become processors. Covering everything from operational planning, marketing, product development to pricing, distribution and sales.The workshop will focus on practical preparation tools that can be immediately implemented and identifying feasible value-added opportunities for your farming business.

Workshop dates are ongoing. Contact us at: to find out when Transition Smart is happening next.


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