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The Agri-food Management Institute (AMI) promotes new ways of thinking about agribusiness management and aims to increase awareness, understanding and adoption of beneficial business management practices by Ontario agri-food and agri-based producers and processors.

AMI has taken a leading role in developing resource materials, online training options and hands-on workshops and courses to help producers and processors enhance their agri-business management skills. Our resources are ideal for independent learning and give anyone involved in agri-business the tools they need to be a leader in their own operation.

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The Agri-food Management Institute advocates for the enhancement of agribusiness management by assessing the needs and equipping Ontario agribusinesses with better management skills. Business planning helps you to identify strengths and weaknesses in your operation, forces you to self-assess and prioritize, helps you set and achieve short or long term goals and plan for when you’re ready to transition out of the business.

Taking part in the business planning process does not have to be a complicated, time-consuming undertaking, it can be as easy as starting here, with a commitment to learning more, and finding the resource or tools that can help you start or grow your agri-food business.

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The AMI eTeam Video series works to highlight the skills you need to be successful by sharing stories of others who have overcome common challenges.

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